Today my Vietnamese teacher showed me how to make Banh Troi (floating rice cake) in my lesson. The Vietnamese eat this kind of cake (as well as another kind of cake called Banh Chay) on the third day of the third month of the Lunar year (Cold Food Festival).  OK, so it isn’t the third day anymore but showing me how to make it was still pretty cool!

She came round with a bag of sticky rice (bought from the market) and a bag of brown sugar cubes.



While we waited for a pan of water to boil, we would wrap a sugar cube inside the sticky rice and roll it into a ball.


When the water had boiled, we put them in one by one, and left them for a couple of minutes until they started to float to the top.


Floating cakes means ready cakes…


Surprisingly delicious for such a simple dish! Although, the melted sugar cubes inside make it pretty sweet!


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