Not much of Mangalore

I’d be lying if I said I saw anything of Mangalore. Again, it was a stopover, and this time we were pretty tired. When we arrived, it was really hot, and after looking in an internet café for a place to stay, we ended up in a room of Manorama Hotel, which had pretty nice spacious rooms, and a very grand lobby area. We showered, and admittedly, unculturally, we spent the next few hours enjoying the fan-cooled room, watching my favourite show, Banged up Abroad on the National Geographic.

We went out eventually, explored a few streets, looked for Balmetta street, failed, and got a rickshaw back to where we started when we hit the cricket fields. We ate dinner at Lalith Bar & Restaurant. The food was OK, but nothing special.

When we left, we were looking for a bar called Liquid Lounge, and were happy when we discovered this noisy little bar, openly serving alcohol and playing some pretty decent tunes! My first drink was a Long island ice tea, which I enjoyed thoroughly, having not had a proper drink in I-can’t-remember-how-long. At 8.30, the girls (who were wearing surprisingly skimpy clothes that even I wouldn’t wear in England), all left the bar, leaving me as the only female. Still, my long island was removing my self conscious issues.

It didn’t take long before a group of guys were asking me and Brendan to join them for drinks. They’d obviously been drinking a while and we were immediately handed a whisky shot – larger than the average sized shot. And that’s where the fun began. Rounds of shots of whisky or tequila followed, and conversations spiraled. Finally we all made it to the floor where we “danced” for all of 5 minutes before we were all asked to stop!! I guess the bar closed around midnight, though the last thing Brendan or I remember is paying the bill. How we got home, when, and what we did when we got home remains a mystery! And I have to say, when we both woke up with our faces planked in Brendan’s puke, we were feeling pretty miserable. I felt ill myself!

I know it’s harsh, but the only thing we were brave enough to do, was bundle the ruined bed sheets into a ball, throw away the trousers he had ruined, ran downstairs, handed in the key, and ran out of the hotel in shame! Poor Brendan!

We camped outside the shopping centre for a while with our bags, devouring KFC chips and a paneer tikka sandwich, and finally we made our way to the station.

Like I said, didn’t see much of Mangalore – I got the impression it was just another busy city like any other. However, it did provide a great night, and a hangover that hasn’t quite been experienced in a while. I’m sure Brendan’s looking forward to the 16 hour train journey…

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