Hull: City of Culture 2017

Yes, we have a bad rep’ and we often feel the need to overcompensate our proudness for the city when people screw up their noses when we say where we’re from. And we’re always at the bottom end of a few jokes.

But those who aren’t from here, what do you know about Hull? It’s somewhere up North, and it looks a bit grim… Well, OK, you’re right. It is. The lack of money put into our city has seen it deteriorate into a city of of decay, with high levels poverty and poor education, derelict buildings, high crime rate and yes, we are the fattest city in the country.

But now thanks to winning the City of Culture Award for 2017, Hull will see an economic boost of £60million which aims to increase economic growth, inspire social change, and bring communities together as well as increase tourism and work opportunities. In 2017, there are plans for a big opening ceremony featuring elephants, dancing white phone boxes, a stadium light & sound concert, amongst others.

So what makes Hull unique?


Well of course we have the impressive Humber Bridge which used to be the biggest of its kind in the world. Now, I think it stands as seventh. It looks incredible when the sun sets (and rises) behind it along the River Humber.

We also have The Deep – the world’s only submarium. No, I’m not sure what a ‘submarium’ is either, but it features sharks and other sea life – yes, like an aquarium.


We are the only city in the country with our own telecommunication (Karoo). This means that we cannot have internet or phone connections such as AOL or Virgin, etc. – we can only have Karoo. Hull is also the only city in the country not to have red telephone boxes – we do of course, have white ones.

We also remain the only city in the country whose takeaways use CHIP SPICE! It’s so frustrating trying to tell outsiders what this is, but basically it’s like American seasoning (no, not salt and pepper – chip spice!).

Topshop stores even had their own ‘Hull’ section featuring tshirts with slogans such as “Pattie Butty”, “Chip Spice” or “Made In Hull”.



Our Ferens Art Gallery features a famous Hockney exhibition and Da Vinci paintings that attract thousands of visitors from all over the country

And let’s not forget that Hull has a rich history, home to William Wiberforce who led the movement for slave trade abolition. And of course, Larkin who found fame as a poet whilst working as a librarian at Hull University.

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