A Hidden Gem In Da Nang

A hidden little gem, which we wouldn’t have ever discovered if it wasn’t for our friend who lives here, showing us, Bai Rang Beach is a stunning little getaway.

On one of our days in Hoi An, we went for a picturesque drive around Hoi An/Da Nang with some friends, and finally stopped at Bai Rang Beach, a secluded beach area which is pretty unknown to tourists and mainly only gets a few visits from Vietnamese or expat groups. It’s a fantastic little area to hire a little wooden hut for a few hours, where you can chill out in a group, order some cheap food and a slab of beer. Perfect, right? All the while being able to dip your toes in the sea or go for a relaxing swim in the calmer waters, away from the crowds.

If you’re interested in finding it, then it’s a little past Monkey Mountain if you’re coming from Hoi An.





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