Private Teaching in Hanoi

Private hours are really easy to pick up in Hanoi. Usually, one person will ask you to teach their child or cousins child, etc. That person will then recommend you to their friends and relatives and within a couple of weeks your phone will be buzzing non-stop asking you to teach one to one, or teach a small class, or help out for a couple of hours a week. It’s crazy, but really awesome and you’ll never be out of work.

555235_10151478893825485_836741039_nAlternatively, there are also a number of adverts on The New Hanoian, where people are asking you to tutor their child, or them. Again, the same thing with the recommendations usually happen!

I love teaching privately to young students (below the age of 13). They’re usually so lovely and inquisitive – a little shy at first perhaps, but it’s amazing when you really see them develop and come out of their shell. It’s also lovely meeting the parents and any other family members. I’ve always been highly welcomed into everyone’s houses, invited for coffee or dinner.

If all my lessons could be private tuition, I’d be a very happy teacher.



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