Fine Dining in Zermatt

ImageIt is no secret that Zermatt is home to some of the best mountain restaurants in the world. In a blog post I wrote about Zermatt Ski Resort for Supertravel, titled Fine Dining in Zermatt, I wanted to provide the readers with an informative dining guide, to appeal to a variety of customers. I tried to narrow it down to five, hoping to find something to wet the appetite of Supertravel’s readers.

I included Heimberg, a Michelin star restaurant with a twist – it has no menu. The chefs create dishes tailored to your likes and what you’re looking for. Snowboat Restaurant was another I chose to put on the list, with its unique yacht-shaped architecture, offering a menu of gourmet burgers and high-quality Mexican food.

Sparky’s is the one to go to if you’re looking for a place to unwind in your ski attire, after a long day on the slopes. This is also a cheaper option, but retains an excellent reputation, both for food and atmosphere. I included Chez Vronys in my dining guide, as i was impressed that all of their ingredients are completely organic, including the animals who graze solely on the alpine grass, and they are dedicated to providing its customers with authentic, traditional dishes.

And of course, I had to include one of the few Asian restaurants with an outstanding reputation, China Garden, for those readers who wanted something a little different on the slopes.

You can find my article here on Supertravel’s blog, if you’re interested in reading…
(although Ed’s name is here as author, I wrote the content… he was my colleague when I was working in SEO and the only one with a Supertravel account)

Have you been to Zermatt? Do you have any dining recommendations? It would be great to hear them!

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