Top Things To Do In Novi Sad

To most, Novi Sad only means one thing – Exit Festival. But there is so much more that this historical treasure has to offer which often go unnoticed.

Novi Sad is the second-largest city in Serbia and is a major cultural centre. We took a very hot, very busy train from Belgrade, though it is also easily accessible from Vienna, Budapest, and Istanbul.

Petrovaradin Fortress


How could we mention Novi Sad and fail to talk about Petrovaradin Fortress? The most famous landmark of the city. As well as being the location to hold the ever-famous Exit Festival, combining a medieval history with modern music, this is one of the largest fortresses in Europe, spanning over 100 acres, and offering a stunning panoramic view of the city over the River Danube. Featuring a number of restaurants and bars, as well as museums and art galleries, Petrovaradin Fortress can not be missed! Another famous landmark within the fortress is the clock tower, on which the minute and hour hands are reversed – very confusing.

Strand Beach


Undeniably one of the most beautiful beaches on the Danube, Strand Beach stretches almost 1000m and is popular with tourists and locals. Used as a gymnastics training ground after WWI, sport still plays a big part along this beach, featuring basketball courts, a mini-golf course, volleyball courts and several playgrounds for children. The pleasant environment is maintained to a high standard with a number of trees, plants, flowers and grassy banks and is a stunning place to lie back, relax and soak up some rays. It’s also a great place to go swimming due to the shallowness of the water. The city officials have made a huge effort to make Novi Sad more attractive for tourists and hold a number of cultural events and music concerts. I mentioned in my post about Belgrade that Serbia has an amazing nightlife scene, and is said to be one of the world’s largest party destinations. Well, Strand is considered the no.1 party venue. During festivals such as Exit, beach parties are hosted along the beach, as well as music concerts.

The Raid Victims Memorial


The Raid Victims Memorial is an important landmark to visit. The Raid was a series of attacks on civilians by Hungarians as an act of ethnic cleansing where many Serbs and Jews were rounded up and killed during WWII. Over three days over a thousand people, including children, were rounded up and executed. This act of violence remains one of the most notorious war crimes in Serbian history.

Dunavska Street


The very heart of the city, Dunavska Street, is one of the most picturesque and popular streets in Novi Sad, glittering with cafes, restaurants, pubs, shops and small art galleries.

Liberty Square

The main city square in Novi Sad, Liberty Square is home to some fabulous European architecture, including the dominating Catholic Church “Name of Mary”. You will also find an abundance of local shops, outdoor cafes and bars.



Other wonderful sights and landmarks to visit include some of the many parks along the Danube, the Museum of Vojvodina and Selo Ethno Village, to name but a few!

There is so much to see and do here, so even if you can’t make Exit Festival, you will still be wowed by the charm and beauty of Novi Sad.

(Sorry about the terrible photo quality, I lost my bag containing my camera and harddrive with all my beloved photos on and so I had to take these from my facebook)


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