Our Five Month India Trip Comes To An End

Embarking on our final 6 hour train journey from Bangalore to Chennai, we were emotional to be rounding up our 5 month India journey.

India has touched us in so many ways; it’s chaotic, stressful, calming, spiritual, beautiful, ugly, dirty, clean, colourful, smelly, charming, intense, exciting, poor and rich, – all at the same time! It’s impossible not fall in love with this incredible country, and not to come away with a whole new perspective on life.

On arrival at Chennai airport, we were unable to enter the departure area as we were “too early”. Instead, we were directed to another building in which we sat in the arrivals area, trying to find comfort in the metal upright seats. For hours we sat waiting, exhausted, until we were only three hours early for our flight, when we were finally allowed to enter departures. (Our earliness was due to the only available train we could take).

Finally aboard the small plane, we shed a tear as we ascended towards the sky and headed for Bangkok.

We’ve explored this diverse country up and down, side to side, round and round, and we’re already planning our return trip to experience those places we didn’t get to visit… But Here’s how we did it this time:

Our Route

Kolkata -> Varanasi -> Allahabad -> Khajuraho -> Agra -> Hyderabad -> Madurai -> Pondicherry -> Varkala ->  Arambol (Goa) -> Anjuna -> Morjim -> Mandrem  ->  Palolem -> Gokarna -> Hampi -> Mysore -> Wayanad -> Ooty -> Alleppey -> Fort Cochin -> Mangalore -> Mumbai -> Ahmedabad -> Udaipur -> Jodhpur -> Jaisalmer -> Jaipur -> Pushkar -> Udaipur (again) -> Mumbai (again) -> Bijapur -> Bangalore -> Bijapur (again) -> Bangalore (again)  -> Chennai

If anyone wants to ask any questions relating to our trip, I’d be happy to answer.

Have you been to India? What was your highlight and what tips would you give to those thinking about going?

3 responses to “Our Five Month India Trip Comes To An End

    • Thank you, divrj. I can’t wait to return! I really want to go really far north next time, up in the Himalaya Pradesh region! =)

      • Himachal Pradesh is the most beautiful part of India… You’ll fall in love with my country all over again I assure you that :)))… Hope to see u soon here

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